70% of businesses are going out of business at year 10 or beyond


Today most companies do not celebrate 10 years. If avoiding business extinction resonates, take action for Business Vitality.

We are thrilled with the results our clients are receiving and so very grateful for their trust.”
— Catherine Cantey
CAMDEN, SC, USA, December 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The fact is most companies do not make it to this milestone. If avoiding business extinction or seeking significant funding resonates with an organization, take action for Business Vitality.

Business Vitality™ engagements enable and inspire peak performance of businesses, executives, leaders, teams and talent at all levels. Through the assessment of gaps and opportunities at both the Business (market) and Vitality (people) key components for success, we offer a trusted partnership as we co-create what is needed most. Business Vitality™ delivers at three levels:

Business Coaching: Optimize the focus of the business

Leverage the 6-step Business Vitality™ including the voice of the key stakeholders – executive leadership, customers, employees – to identify the opportunities to remain vital, relevant and successful in the market. Empower and engage leaders and the team as they and the results grow through the steps from ideation through evaluations as they are supported to lead and manage for maximum impact.

Team Coaching: Optimize effectiveness of the Team

Healthy, high performing Team coaching focuses on enabling teams to unlock their collective strengths, build trust, deepen relationships and find focus and pace as they move past obstacles to bring solutions to the table and implement them effectively together across the organization. Enables growth and development at both the team and individual level.

Individual Coaching: Optimize performance of Talent

The investment with the highest return can make in talent is Executive Coaching. Our approach to it leverages both industry best practices and proven engagement approaches with 100% client company engagement and client growth assessed rates. Supporting talent with greater levels of awareness of their strengths, their needs as well as their derailers and blind spots is the number one enabler for greater success.

Founder and CEO of Cantey Advisors, Catherine Cantey, brings more than 20 years of success in big banking. Catherine managed both Billion-dollar lines of credit for her clients and created 90% success of the 3,000 proposals she led her team to produce. She used her front row seat seeing businesses come and go to recognize the power of thinking and doing differently as the key to remaining vital over time.

A huge advocate of the power of new thinking, Catherine initiated and supported a $12.1 million public-private partnership resulting in the installation of 256 miles of fiber to help close a rural broadband gap.

The focus of her own business is to provide that very same opportunity to innovate, disrupt and evolve to existing businesses as she partners with CEOs and their teams using her unique process for Business Vitality™ over time and in ever-changing markets. And she highlights successes of others with the Business Vitality™ podcast, found on Spotify and other podcast outlets.

Catherine supports the Central Carolina Technical College Foundation, United Way of Kershaw County and New Day on Mill. Her thought leadership on a variety of topics including Sales, Technology, Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experiences (EX) and Operational Efficiencies led to the development of her unique and powerful process for Business Vitality™.

Her services include the best practices in both business and people development. Catherine is located in the southeastern United States.

When you are ready to learn more, visit CatherineCantey.com or email Team@CatherineCantey.com.

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