Endangered newborn Amur tiger cub at Toronto Zoo has died


Heavy hearts at the Toronto Zoo on Monday.

One of its week-old Amur tiger cubs died on Sunday.

Zoo staff noticed that same day one of the cubs was lethargic and mom, Mazy, was seen separating it from her two other cubs within the den.

It weighed only 790 grams, was in a coma, and was severely hypothermic and dehydrated.

The zoo’s veterinary team began caring for the cub around the clock but blood tests confirmed severe liver damage and life-threatening electrolyte imbalances.

They even gave him a stuffed toy with a heartbeat to comfort him, similar to a mother tiger.

But his condition got worse on Sunday, and the team made the difficult decision to humanely euthanize him.

Vets also checked the other two cubs and confirmed they’re doing well, adding Mazy continues to be an excellent mom to the two other little ones.