FLASHBACK: Bishop Schneider explains why Christians must never take abortion-tainted COVID ‘vaccine’


September 14, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – In December of 2020, I interviewed Bishop Athanasius Schneider. We talked about the COVID shot as well as the duties of pro-lifers in these times. I wanted to revisit his remarks today on my blog in order to clarify how Christians should act in response to Joe Biden’s recent decision to force all businesses with 100 or more employees to require the “vaccine.” As usual, Bishop Schneider’s comments were not only prophetic but illuminating. May all followers of Christ heed his words!

“God knows these souls by name,” Bishop Athanasius Schneider said to me today on The John Henry Westen Show. He was referring to unborn children who were aborted and then had their murdered bodies used in the manufacture of cell lines used for the COVID and other vaccines.

Bishop Schneider explains that in calling on pro-lifers to resist abortion-tainted vaccines, he prayed for inspiration asking the intercession of the very babies who were killed. Watch my interview with him below or visit LifeSite’s new account on Rumble by clicking here. If you’d like to watch it on YouTube, click here.

Bishop Schneider’s position was articulated in a paper released last week that was signed by himself and Cardinal Janis Pujats, Bishop Joseph Strickland, and Archbishops Tomash Peta and Jan Pawel Lenga. The statement was spurred by the push of bishops across the world to support a COVID vaccine despite it being tainted with cells from aborted babies.

Bishop Schneider explained that he and his brother bishops who signed the statement understand the gravity of what they have suggested in that refusing the COVID vaccine may lead to harsh penalties. His Excellency explained, like fellow signee Bishop Strickland already has as well, that he would go to prison before taking an abortion-tainted vaccine. Moreover, should it even be demanded at the price of his life, he said he believed God would grant him the strength to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Bishop Schneider said it was “a pain in my heart” in seeing so many people he esteems backing the permissibility of taking an abortion-tainted COVID vaccine. He believes they are “simply blinded,” but that God will show them the consequences and their eyes will be opened.

Simple people, he said, reject this automatically, instinctively, which is for the bishop a sign of the Sensus Fidelium. But even were he alone in this, the bishop said he must “follow the truth, even if I will lose all of my good friends.” 

“Even if I will be alone, I will follow my conscience, as Thomas More and John Fisher,” he said.