8 Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts


Listen to these podcasts for real estate investing tips.

Great news for real estate investors is the vast array of real estate podcasts on the market. But when sifting through them all, you probably want to know how to find the right podcast that fits your learning needs. "When looking for a good real estate podcast, it's important to first consider what kind of real estate you are investing in, whether commercial, residential, a flip or a vacation rental intended to supplement cash flow," says Zach Lantelme, real estate services specialist at Evolve Vacation Rental in Denver. Once you've determined what type of real estate you're interested in, Lantelme says a good way to source recommendations is to find community forums of like-minded individuals. Here are some of the best podcasts that can help guide you to learn all about the components and merits of real estate investing.

"BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast"

BiggerPockets is a real estate investing platform that provides tools and resources ideal for new investors, educating them on the fundamentals of real estate investing. Its network also connects investors with real estate services like vendors, agents and investment companies, among others. Among BiggerPockets' many features is its real estate investing podcast, which features conversations with investors of all ages and experience levels. The podcast is hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, two seasoned real estate investors who discuss real estate investing strategies for beginners and experts. "I have found the most useful real estate investing podcasts have been those by BiggerPockets. They are biographical and narrative-based and they do a good job of asking constructive questions," says Aaron Halfacre, CEO at Modiv in Orange Country, California. The podcast reviews topics around how beginners can navigate the market, approaching different real estate investment opportunities, and why having little experience shouldn't stop you from getting into real estate, to name a few themes.

Frequency: Weekly

"Real Wealth Show: Real Estate Investing Podcast"

Since its inception in 2003, the "Real Wealth Show: Real Estate Investing Podcast" has been hosted by Kathy Fettke, co-CEO of the Real Wealth Network and author of best-seller "Retire Rich with Rentals." Fettke also hosts an accompanying podcast on the RealWealth Network called "Real Estate News for Investors." The "Real Wealth Show: Real Estate Investing Podcast" has had guests who are top real estate and investing authorities like Robert Kiyosaki, Loral Langemeier and Peter Schiff, among others, who offer their tenured advice on how to create passive income through real estate along with tips on preventing errors along the way. Long-term investors looking to incorporate real estate like single-family rentals or multifamily properties in their investment portfolio may be able to learn some strategies from this podcast.

Frequency: Weekly

"Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show"

With 2,000 podcast episodes and counting, the "Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show," hosted by Joe Fairless, presents valuable, straight-to-the-point real estate content. There's a new podcast every day covering topics about how to handle the evolving real estate industry. Interviews from successful real estate professionals range from those who have experience in house flipping, renting and building, among other areas. When choosing a podcast, Matt Andrews, founder of REI Collective in Tampa, Florida, says "don't just assume that because they host or are a guest on a popular podcast that their advice is automatically good." He recommends verifying the background of the person giving that advice, whether it's the host or a guest. Some background about Fairless: He oversees more than $900 million worth of real estate and has written several books filled with real estate advice.

Frequency: Daily

"Lifetime CashFlow Through Real Estate Investing"

If you want to hear how expert real estate investors, property managers, syndicators and others built their successful businesses, then this may be the podcast for you. The pod's host, Rod Khleif, stimulates the conversation by asking pointed questions about how to achieve wealth through multifamily real estate investing. He also brings his own experience to the table. Khleif has owned and managed more than 2,000 properties -- apartments and homes. He is also a business development coach who offers his thoughts about how to set and achieve goals in real estate investing. This top-ranked real estate investing podcast has been downloaded more than 8 million times.

Frequency: Weekly

"Old Dawg's REI Network with Bill Manassero"

Bill Manassero, the host of the "Old Dawg's REI Network" podcast, started investing in real estate in his 50s. In the show, geared toward seniors, Manassero focuses on multifamily properties, investment properties which generate consistent cash flow to sustain income well into your retirement years. He showcases that any investor, regardless of age, can build consistent cash flow through real estate investments to secure their retirement. The show serves as a resource for investors ages 50 and older, those near or already in retirement, and discusses ways to overcome challenges faced in retirement. Manassero engages his audience through information-filled interviews with real estate industry veterans who teach listeners how to be more skilled real estate investors. The highlighted topics, such as top real estate investing markets for 2021, buying investment properties with little or no money down and habits for successful real estate investors are relevant for those who are starting in the industry as well as for those who have years of experience.

Frequency: Weekly

"The Real Estate Guys Radio Show"

"The Real Estate Guys Radio Show" has been broadcasting weekly on the radio since 1997. The podcast is hosted by investing professional and founder of the radio show, Robert Helms who has experience in multiple facets of real estate, and Russell Gray, a financial strategist with a background in financial services. The pair delivers real estate investing education in an entertaining way. Each episode features prominent experts in their respective fields offering valued insights and advice about how to navigate the real estate market. Their podcast discussions go beyond real estate, often branching into economics, taxes, investing strategies and investor due diligence, among other topics. One of their most popular episodes covered tips for property and portfolio management amid the pandemic, during which the Real Estate Guys spoke with Brad Sumrok, the "apartment king," about how landlords can manage risks during the health crisis.

Frequency: Weekly

"RealCrowd Podcast"

For seasoned investors, Dan Croce, managing partner at Birgo Capital in Pittsburgh, recommends the "RealCrowd Podcast," which he says offers high-quality discussion around a broad array of real estate investing topics and incorporates data analytics to forecast trends. In their episode, "Michael Beckerman -- Reimagining Real Estate," guest Michael Beckerman, CEO of CREtech, an intelligence platform for real estate innovation, discussed how technology is disrupting innovation in real estate. Among the industry experts highlighted in RealCrowd are real estate investors, academic professionals and economists. Some of the commercial real estate topics covered include office, retail, industrial, and multifamily, among others. You can also find conversations about analyzing real estate deals, market cycles, evaluating real estate deals and more.

Frequency: Monthly

"Passive Real Estate Investing with Marco Santarelli"

If you run a busy schedule but want to learn how to tackle the real estate investing game, Marco Santarelli, president and founder of Norada Real Estate Investments and podcast host of "Passive Real Estate Investing with Marco Santarelli," may have some tips for you. Santarelli's specialty is in turnkey property investments, which is otherwise known as real estate that has already been renovated by the time it's put on the market. Listeners learn how to prevent mistakes, develop strategies and find opportunities in different real estate cycles. This podcast distills difficult concepts in a simple, comprehensible way to make for an easy-to-follow, enjoyable learning experience. Santarelli believes that the more knowledge and skills you have, the greater the possibilities of growing your earning potential. On a recent episode, Santarelli presented his picks for the best books for real estate investing to help a real estate portfolio grow.

Frequency: Weekly

Eight of the best real estate investing podcasts:

-- "BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast"

-- "Real Wealth Show: Real Estate Investing Podcast"

-- "Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show"

-- "Lifetime CashFlow Through Real Estate Investing"

-- "Old Dawg's REI Network with Bill Manassero"

-- "The Real Estate Guys Radio Show"

-- "RealCrowd Podcast"

-- "Passive Real Estate Investing with Marco Santarelli"

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