Experiencing a cellphone, TV or internet problem? How to file a complaint


(NC)  - With many of us still working from home, a problem with our internet or cellphone provider can become a major issue. Fortunately, everyone in Canada has rights when it comes to dealing with telecom companies and can easily file a complaint to get the problem dealt with.

While your first step is contacting your service provider, they don’t always resolve the issue. This is when consumers can turn to the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. Both offer neutral, fair and free complaint resolution services.

Making sure to file your complaint with the right organization from the get-go can speed up the resolution of your problem. If the problem relates to billing — such as unexpected overage fees and incorrect charges — or is about contracts, quality of service or credit management, then the CCTS is the place to go.

Complaints about emergency alerts, loudness of TV commercials, internet traffic-management practices and accessibility complaints — including those related to closed-captioning, described video or the availability of accessible devices — should go to the CRTC.

To file a complaint, start by visiting the organization’s website, which features additional resources, or call their toll-free phone number. When ready to submit, make sure to include relevant background information. Staff will acknowledge the complaint.