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If you're in a rut in the bedroom and are looking for a boost to your sex life -- welp, we gotcha there ... believe it or not.

A one-year subscription to the up-and-coming Lover Sexual Health App can certainly help with whatever problems you may be having between the sheets -- or even if you just want to spice up your life for you and your partner.

The app was built by board-certified sexual medicine clinical psychologist Dr. Britney Blair. It offers science-based guides, courses, advice, and more about overall sexual health and wellness. So, yes ... you'll be given tips on how to be a better lover.

Fordeeper, more intimate info ... Lover also has a quiz to figure out who you are as a sexual being and how you can take your sex life to the next level. All in all, the app guarantees personalized techniques to increase pleasure for you and your S.O.

Don't worry about a ballooned price tag either ... this subscription for the Lover Sexual Health App will only run ya an easy $19.99. Ya got nothing to lose -- and so much more to gain.