Nordstrom's Spring Sale Offers Discounts On Your Favorite Beauty Icons


It's not every day that you see sales on beauty staples like Benefit's accurately named Better Than Sex mascara or M.A.C's iconic Ruby Woo lipstick, so we're pleased to share that Nordstrom's spring sale is here to restock your faves. The discounts aren't steep—most of the deals hover around 15 percent off—but these items are rarely discounted and are mainstays in your routine (or they're about to be). Plus, with winter finally over, it's time to edit your skin and beauty routine for the new season. We're talking about lipstick you can finally wear without a mask (for the vaccinated), serums to recharge your skin, and beauty tools you've been thinking about investing that are finally slashed in price. Ahead, our top 15 picks to shop today.