Amateur models use Bongacam for pandemic economic relief


The coronavirus pandemic caused an unprecedented wave of change to the lifestyle of many individuals, across the world. The social and economic impact has been quite dire, leaving many people unemployed due to businesses being forced to close—in a bid to curb the spread of the virus.

Now, with the accompanying anxiety and uncertainty of the current situation, it is reinforced by the huge amount of “free time” available to people that are now out of jobs and self-isolating due to lockdown measures. The financial impact of this has been huge and finding more ways to earn money has become a necessity for many.

One industry that has been thriving despite the times is the online entertainment industry. Streaming service, Netflix, recorded a surge in the number of subscribers during the lockdown and even the adult entertainment industry wasn’t left out. With the growing feeling of boredom, many people craving intimacy are consuming more adult material online than ever before.

The good news for many amateur adult models who have been struggling to earn money due to the negative impact of the coronavirus on traditional porn production studios is the spike in traffic on camming sites. In comparison to traditional porn, webcam platforms offer a more intimate interaction with the audience making it a lot more exciting to watching. Also, it has become a lucrative source of income for models who chose to offer such services.

In a report, adult webcam model Emma, who originates from Washington in the U.S., reveals just how much of an economic relief being a webcam model has been for her during the pandemic. She registered as a webcam model on BongaCams, a popular camming site, hoping to earn more money during the lockdown and in hindsight, it has been one of the best decisions she had ever made.

“If someone told me six months ago how sharply my life would change, I wouldn't believe it!” she said on an Instagram post where she showed off a $28,296.03 cheque which she earned in just a month of being a webcam model on BongaCams.

Despite still being an amateur, Emma now makes more than six times the average monthly salary in the U.S. proving just how lucrative the platform can be. She is very active on Instagram where she regularly promotes her services and equally shares tips on how to gain more subscribers, make money as a webcam model, block users in certain regions from accessing their broadcast, and several ways to make money on BongaCams.

For many people like Emma, who are trying out webcam modelling for the first time, it very important is providing financial relief considering the economic impact of the coronavirus on traditional porn production studios. By just offering webcam services on BongaCams, Emma’s life has taken a whole different turn and she now has the freedom to not only earn more money but do so from whatever exotic location she is in.

Becoming a webcam model on BongaCams is easy as there are no special requirements except for the girls to be 18 years and above. With just a mobile phone or a computer, a good internet connection, and an attractive personality, webcam models can provide services to their subscribers even in isolation.