Digital Transformation And Sustainable Economy


The Italian project presented at a conference in Rome

ROME, ITALY, December 3, 2021 / -- The conference "Digital transformation for a sustainable economy" organized by CFX Quantum and Guglielmo Marconi University ended in Rome.

Many innovations and projects are presented to support digital transformation in Italy and boost digital and sustainable development, respecting the climate, the environment, and the social environment.

Marco Mottana, CEO of CFX Quantum, the main sponsor of the event, in his speech stated that: "The resources of the PNRR (Plan National Recovery and Resilience) must be used well and quickly to complete the digital transformation process while respecting the climate, environment, and society ".

Mottana participated in the proceedings both in the session dedicated to the digital transformation of finance and in the one on sustainability and he entered into the merits of his vision of Decentralized Finance (De.Fi.).

Senator Aldo Urso, opened the meeting, introducing issues of interest to the entire fintech sector and announced, among other things, that Italy could be the seat of the new European anti-money laundering authority.

“We have all the titles to do it - declared the senator - the best European performance. I hope that Italy can claim the seat of the nascent authority "

This was followed by the three sessions in which the event was divided: the first on 'Digital transformation and finance'; the second on 'Sustainability of finance and the economy in the current market' and the third which saw a debate between representatives of the Italian institutions on 'The role of institutions for the sustainability of the digital economy.

The following took part in the institutional confrontation: President of ENAV, Francesca Isgrò, General of the Guardia di Finanza, Giovanni Padula, Hon. Davide Zanichelli, creator of the interparliamentary group 'Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain', Maria Siclari ISPRA, Mario Antonio Scino Ministry of Economic Development , and Francesco Catanese, vice president of Anpit.

The interventions of the speakers confirmed that the conditions for receiving PNRR funding are a digital transformation and the sustainability of the projects to be implemented.

The projects presented during the works demonstrated the commitment to the digitization of the protagonists of Decentralized Finance, De.Fi, and the inventiveness and validity of the proposals of various start-ups.

The transition to digital that concerns the fintech world is under the attention of Copasir himself and, at the same time, the subject of supervision by the Guardia di Finanza, which, through its representative at the works, General Giovanni Padula, also recalled the news of the last few days on cryptocurrency-related hacking and scams.

Financial companies that operate in fintech and use the blockchain have joined the financial authorities in asking for precise regulation that protects their own work.

To conclude the work, the expert financial analyst Marco Mottana presented neo-bank's innovative solution '01Quantum': "Another innovative idea - he declared - that will break down new barriers".

“The recovery - concluded Mottana - must be supported and strengthened with interventions that combine the digitization of finance and sustainability. The PNRR, National Recovery and Resilience Plan, must revive the economy to allow sustainable and digital development, as indicated by the EU.

Finally, it is necessary to put a hand to the digitization of systems, from the Public Administration to the financial sector, keeping in mind, at the same time, the aspect of sustainability ".

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